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Complete Power Systems is an exclusive GNB motive power battery representative. We have 25-years’ experience and a range of motive power solutions to ensure your batteries, chargers and accessories keep you running efficiently.

Contact us for a review of your application and let us help you determine the best products and service to meet your needs.


Tubular-LMX™ Low Maintenance Batteries
Low maintenance flooded tubular-plate batteries with extended watering intervals up to 90 days.
Never-worry watering
Minimize your labor cost to inspect batteries frequently. The Tubular LMX allows you to check water levels only four times per year. The 90 days between watering cycles is achieved in the battery with a unique design of headspace when coupled with a charger that is programmed with the low-maintenance charging profile.

Tubular architecture
Features high-density tubular positive plate design proves more power per square foot/meter than competitive products. Round tubular architecture provides the maximum power and avoids degradation of cells at the edges of square tube architectures.

Tubular-LMX (tm) Low Maintenance batteries give you the freedom to choose the best level of power, performance, and reduced maintenance for your medium to heavy-duty lift truck applications.

Tubular-LMX Low Maintenance batteries are:

Designed to deliver consistent, reliable power using round tubular positive plate technology
Designed to achieve 1,800 cycles when operated to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD)
Designed with a low antimony positive grid to minimize gassing during charging
Able to achieve a 45-day or 90-day watering interval (when usd with an approved GNB industrial charger)
Available in three different model options to meet a variety of customer requirements from low cost to minimum maintenance
Available in 85 and 125 Ahr positive plate sizes that result in battery heights of 22.63" and 30.5", respectively

Sales brochure for Tubular-LMX batteries
Tubular-LM Low Maintenance Batteries I&O Manual GB4013
GNB® Fusion™, Tubular-HP®, Tubular-LM™, and GNB Flooded Classic Platinum™ Fast and Opportunity Charge Battery I&O Manual GB4103
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GNB Tubular CMX

GNB® Tubular CMX

The new GNB Tubular CMX is designed to deliver premium, cost-efficient power for everyday, conventional use and is available in 85 amp hour (Ah) and 125 Ah ratings. A number of features integrated into the new Tubular CMX battery design are intended to help lift truck operators increase productivity and up time:

Delivers more consistent and reliable power than equivalent volume flat-plate batteries
Enhanced grid design provides increased energy efficiency
Increased positive spine diameter provides longer life and greater efficiency
Improved separator technology provides added vibration protection
Approved for opportunity charging applications

GNB® Marathon FPX Premium Flat Plate Batteries
GNB Marathon FPX™ premium flat plate motive power batteries are designed to deliver premium, cost-efficient power and extended durability with the highest flat plate cycle performance (1600) warranty in the industry.

GNB Marathon FPX™ premium flat plate motive power batteries deliver dependable performance and extended cycle life to boost medium- to heavy-duty lift truck run time and reduce maintenance over the life of the battery.

World Class Process Improvements and New Design Deliver Increased Durability and Performance
Industry-leading flat plate cycle performance (1600 or 5 years) extended warranty delivers up to three additional months of usage

Up to 10% more active material increases paste weight reducing chemical and physical stress during discharge

Charged on state-of-the-art Inbatec advanced flow-thru formation equipment that simultaneously controls acid temperature. acide concentration and current to protect paste integrity and increase charge/discharge performance and cycle life

Improved plate curing process and equipment result in a superior plate that has the highest level of paste cohesion and structural integrity improving durability and performance

Increased antimony in the positive grid alloy to 5.4% reduces corrosion and extends cycle life

Improved gravity control reduces peak gravity and results in lower corrosion and longer cycle life

GNB Marathon FPX™ Premium Flat Plate Battery Sales Brochure GB32220

Tubular-HP® High Performance Batteries
High performance flooded tubular-plate batteries designed to deliver more power than equivalent dimension flooded flat-plate batteries

GNB® Industrial Power makes flooded batteries with tubular-plates that are the most widely used type of lift truck battery in the world. We have been manufacturing and marketing tubular batteries throughout Europe for several decades. We make this type of battery for sale in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The tubular-plate technology enables batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent, reliable power than flat-plate batteries of equal size. They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing battery life. As a result, users can experience longer lift truck run times resulting in fewer battery changeouts and improved productivity. The tubular-plate batteries have found a broad audience among users who have heavy-duty applications and multi-shift operations.

Available in 100 and 140 Ahr positive plate sizes that result in battery heights of 22.63" (typical 85 Ahr jar size) and 30.5" (typical 125 Ahr jar size), respectively
The worlds' most widely used flooded lead-acid battery design
Designed to deliver more consistent, reliable power than equivalent volume flat-plate batteries by using round tubular positive plate technology

Designed to achieve 1800 cycles when operated to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD)
Your lowest cost tubular design option with watering recommended after each 5-10 cycles (depending on the lift truck application and duty)
Best when charged with an SCR200 SCR-type charger
Warranty - Five years full, one year prorated


Tubular-HP High Performance Batteries GB4151
Tubular-HP Batteries I&O Manual GB3979
GNB® Fusion™, Tubular-HP®, Tubular-LM™, and GNB Flooded Classic Platinum™ Fast and Opportunity Charge Battery I&O Manual GB4103
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GNB® Element Batteries

Element® valve-regulated lead-acid batteries never need watering and are designed for light retail and medium warehouse material handling applications.

GNB® Industrial Power Element valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries have revolutionized the electric lift truck industry by using a technology that combines the dependable power of our lead-acid batteries with the convenience of VRLA technology. The Element battery virtually eliminates the mess and hazards

associated with typical battery maintenance, making it cleaner, safer and easier to use. The Element batteries are also kinder to the environment. Designed for use in all classes of electric forklift trucks (walkies, narrow-aisle and sit-down counterbalance), Element VRLA batteries can save you money by providing longer battery runtime and increased productivity for your fleet.


Element Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries GB4084
Element® VRLA Motive Power Batteries I&O Manual GB3902
Element® Pow'r Pak VRLA Motive Power Battery and Charger System I&O Manual GB3914

GNB® Fusion™ Batteries
Rugged flooded flat-plate batteries designed especially for use with GNB Fusion Fast Chargers.  The GNB Fusion line of fast charge batteries are specifically designed to meet the high energy demands of fast charging.

GNB Fusion Batteries are:
Designed using rugged flooded flat plate technology that allows the battery to handle the high current demands of fast charging
Available in non-vented or vented trays
Built with heavy-duty burn-on intercell connectors and cable termination lead heads to provide for better conductivity and lower heat generation than those used on standard lead-acid batteries
Made with single or double cables with SBX or Euro connectors for increased charge acceptance and reduced heat generation
Made with a BFS single point watering kit for easy and consistent water addition and a battery monitoring unit to keep track of critical battery data during the charging process
UL approved and made in the USA in a manufacturing facility that is certified to both ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)

GNB Fusion Fast Charge System Solutions GB4096

PowerTrac™ Battery Data Logger SP Series Tech Data Sheet GB4093
GNB® Fusion™, Tubular-HP®, Tubular-LM™, and GNB Flooded Classic Platinum™ Fast and Opportunity Charge Battery I&O Manual GB4103

Tubular-LM™ FP System
The Tubular-LM FP system is the efficient power solution for your electric pallet jack and walkie stacker needs. This integrated system consists of a low maintenance Tubular-LM Flooded Tubular-Plate Battery with an on-board top-mounted high frequency charger, both in the same durable rust-resistant steel tray.

The Tubular-LM FP System
Perfectly matched battery and charging components provide maximum battery, power output, and system run time.
Ideal for light and medium-duty use.
Fits most common sizes of pallet trucks and walkie stackers.
Charge anywhere there is a 15 amp, 120-volt, 60 Hz, single phase AC outlet.
Available in 24-volt DC output.

Tubular-LM FP System Tech Data Sheet GB4155
Tubular-LM FP System I&O Manual GB4158



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